Statement re Covid-19 situation

We regret to announce that due to the ongoing health emergency, all our usual activities are on hold until we are advised that it is safe to resume.  Watch this site for updates and Thursday throwbacks.


We're not being idle however.  We hold lively play readings on a Wednesday evening.  Message the website via the contact form if you would be interested in reading with us.

Hopefully, we'll get back to these feelings later in 2021


Idle thoughts of an amateur actor


As you stand in the wings as the warning bell rings and the butterflies flit in your tummy,

Whilst the anthem is played and your nerves are all frayed and you're feeling numb as a mummy,

You gaze at the wall and try hard to recall the lines you should start the scene on

And you find that the play that you loved yesterday, you are now not the slightest bit keen on.

While you get the words pat you lean on a flat and the whole wall sways this way and that way

And here's poor Ron Hart who was ready to start now running about like Chris Chattaway.

But the danger is past, and now at long last, the curtain is up, spotlights glaring,

And now you're on set, you break into a sweat and stick to whatever you're wearing.

Before long for some cause there's a horrible pause which seems to go on for ages

And the prompt looks at you and you give the wrong cue and you've cut out nearly three pages.

Though the scenes a bit lame you press on just the same and feel you're getting the gist of it,

You begin to feel fine- then comes your big line- and you make a terrible fist of it.

At the end of Act One you really have fun when the time comes for changing the scenery

You pick up your chair and collide on the stair with Props and an armful of greenery.

While the change is progressing you're rapidly dressing and looking in vain for some powder.

And your wife comes to say she's enjoying the play but couldn't you speak a bit louder?

Though struck to the heart you take this in good part and give the next scene a real clouting.

The producer comes back and says " You're all right Jack, but why the deuce are you shouting?"

You feel a bit eased when the audience is pleased, and yet is that clapping ironical!

You don't have to doubt when the papers come out and you look in the Journal and Chronicle.

But the play is the thing- let the dramatist sing- make really good use of your leisure

Though you do sometimes pause, and think with some cause, need you suffer so much, just for pleasure?




From Dennis Dunford's collection, author unknown.

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