Phileas Fogg                                                    Charlie Westlake

Passepartout                                                  Holly Franks

Inspector Fix                                                    Jaydon Wheeler

Mrs Aouda                                                        Phoebe Gould

Colonel Stamp Proctor                             Edie Alcock    

Mr Naidu & Mr Mudge                                Ruby Hedges

Miss Singh                                                         Hettie Carter-Rice

Judge Obadiah                                                

& Captain Blossom von Darius.           Epp Bithell

American Train Porter                               

& Peninsula Conductor                             Zach Newman

Batulcar & Mr Flanagan                            Emilie Horne

Mr Ralph                                                              Tom Gould

Mr Stuart                                                             Lottie Richards

Beggar Woman                                              Abbie Baskerville

James & Consuls                                           Megan Mitchell

Pursers & Policeman                                   Nye Bithell

Captain Speedy                                             Jessie Makin

Club Man                                                            Victoria Keenan

Flower Seller                                                     Lily Halsall-Crennell

Street sweep                                                    Ellen England

Don't Blame it on the Boots by NJ Warburton and  Lockdown Little Grimley by David Tristram 

08 - 10 December 2022 at the Warehouse Theatre, Hope Street

Don't Blame it on the Boots by NJ Warburton 

No one would have blamed it on the boots if only Kate had produced Macbeth instead of Hamlet, or Ophelia hadn't been so attractive and naive, or Eric had smaller feet and wasn't the drama group's prize flirt, or Liz's father hadn't been an actor who once trod the boards at Stratford in those self-same boots. 


Ophelia - Poppy Hardwicke

Eric - Paul Gorsuch

Kate - Sadie Fisher

Liz - Jane Lunn

Lockdown Little Grimley by David Tristram

The fifth in a series of short plays following a hapless Amateur Dramatic Society. In lockdown the Chairman Gordon calls for an emergency meeting, socially distanced, to discuss his idea of the next production - a touching love story set in a hospital, with all profits going the NHS. But based on previous events - will the NHS actually benefit?



Bernard - Pete Hutton

Margaret - Laura Parsons

Gordon - John Cropper

Joyce - Tracey Baker


We are pleased to announce a very full programme of plays over the 2022-2023 season.

Mid February 2023                  The Real Inspector Hound                           at The Warehouse Theatre

Early April 2023                        All my Sons                                                             venue to be announced

Early June 2023                       Blue - a world premiere                                    at The Warehouse Theatre

We are still hoping to secure a further show for July 2023.  Watch the website and our Facebook page for more details.

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Weymouth Drama Club's Curtain Raisers presents

Jules Verne's
Around the World in 80 Days
adapted by Laura Eason

Friday 21 & Saturday 22 October 2022 at Weymouth Pavilion


Activities are back on track

We held our first workshops of the season on 12 March, led by Stevie Thompson from The Rude Mechanicals on creating characters from the Commedia dell'Arte tradition.  Great fun was had by all, although the adults might have been a little stiff the next day!  Join us to sign up for more workshops over the coming months:  the next one is on Theatrical Costume Design.


As a charity, in the good times, we pay our bills from the profits of shows and members subscriptions.  All that is on hold at the moment, so if you would like to make a donation to help keep us going, please click on the donate button and follow the instructions.  Thank you.