Hound of the Baskervilles Workshop TONIGHT

The World of The Hound of the Baskervilles workshop Tuesday 3 December 2019 at 19.45.  The idea of the workshop is to have fun and to take some of the physical aspects of the play, The Hound of the Baskervilles and play around with them.  For example: the actors will be required to play several roles of different genders.  We will explore ways of doing this seamlessly.  At one point the play requires one of the actors to be two different characters of different sexes whilst they remain on stage.  We will experiment with ways to achieve this.  The script suggests one way to it, but I think there are other ways.

Another sequence tell the story of a train journey in still pictures; another tells the story of how Sir Charles Baskerville goes for a walk on the moor and meets the unseen hound and dies.  I also want to try to explore ways of creating the menance and horror of an unseen hound.


As in 39 Steps we will also look at ways to create the atmosphere, as was done with the cast moving the onstage actors' clothes to simulate the wind when Hannay was chased along the outside of the train.  The play will not use any scenery.


The casting will be gender blind.  Holmes, for example, also plays several female roles so there is no reason why Holmes can't be played by a female.

The workshop is open to all, whether you wish to audition for the play or not.


New members to the club will be welcome and can join at the workshop.

For further information please contact Richard Lawson, the director, at houndotb@gmail.com

Next Production:

A DOLL'S HOUSE by Henrik Ibsen

We are pleased to announce that our next production is Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, to be presented at The Warehouse Theatre 20-22 February 2020.


This drama of marriage and the individual portrays a controlling husband in Torvald Helmer over his wife Nora, a young but submissive woman who, when their idealised home life collapses, comes to the realisation that she must finally close the door on her husband, children and her life in A Doll's House in order to find and live as her true self.


Auditions will be held on Tuesday 26 November at the Warehouse from 8.00pm.  Three male characters:- Torvald Helmer, Dr Rank and Krogstad and three female characters:- Nora Helmer, Mrs Linde and a maid.

Nora housewife - 30s

Torvald Nora's husband- 30/40s

Krogstad Lawyer 40/50

Mrs Linde Nora's childhood friend 30s

Dr Rank Torvald's friend and physician 50s

Maid 40/50

More details available from the Director, Jacqui Martin, on 07840 136089 or jacquimartin60@yahoo.com


Photos from our latest production Murdered to Death by Peter Gordon


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