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Current Production

Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 June 2024
at The Bay Theatre, Weymouth College, Tickets £17.50

This play set in North Carolina, is about five friends who set aside a long weekend each August to recharge their relationships.

The play focuses on four of those weekends and spans a period of 33 years.

This is the story of five unforgettable women - a hilarious and touching comedy about friendship. One of the cast said "It's a bit like Golden Girls meets Sex in the City!"




Sheree Hollinger - Julia Booth - The perennial team captain, always the tomboy and the perfectly organised all American mom.


Dinah Grayson - Deb Walton - The wise cracking cynic who has fought her way to being a top lawyer. Excels at everything but not romance.


Lexie Richards - Laura Jane Parsons - Delightfully vain youth obsessed event planner. Keeps her cosmetic surgeon on speed dial.


Jeri Neal McfeelyIs  - Tracey Baker - A ditzy ray of sunshine. Sees the positive side of everything. She was a nun for many years and has been protected from the seamier side of life. Still never ceases to amaze her friends.


Vernadette Simms - Antoinette Richards - A hard luck case. Motherhood and marriage followed soon after college. She has had a black cloud over her since. She faces her tribulations with a gallows humour.


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