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In Joe and Kate Keller's family garden, an apple tree - a memorial to their son Larry, lost in the Second World War - has been torn down by a storm. But his loss is not the only part of the family's past they can't put behind them.


Joe Keller - Rob Tripp

Kate Keller - Antoinette Richards

Chris Keller - Charlie Westlake

Ann Deever - Poppy Hardwicke

George Deever - Josh Hallett

Dr Jim Bayliss - Paul Gorsuch

Sue Bayliss - Laura Jane Parsons

Frank Lubey - Jaydon Wheeler

Lydia Lubey - Megan Mitchell

Bert - Benji Evans

The Bench by Keir McAllister  

The Regina Monologues by Rebecca Russell & Jenny Wafer

May 2023 at The Warehouse Theatre   


Auditions for these 2 one act plays will be on Tuesday 28 March at 7.45pm at The Warehouse Theatre.

The Regina Monologues

 “Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived…”  Admired, vilified, de-humanised. Three Catherines, two Annes and a Jane. Six women with one thing in common – marriage to a man called Henry - have passed into historical legend. Of course, it couldn’t happen these days...Six modern women have also married one man.  Their lives are both separate and intertwined as they tell their stories from a room in which they have all once lived. Their experiences – miscarriage, love affairs, betrayal, and a shared loathing of all things ginger – are portrayed with humour, pathos and a great deal of wine.  The plight of those sixteenth century women is personal, poignant and still relevant five hundred years on."

Cathy- the discarded wife

Annie- faded beauty, worn out with partying

Jane- pale and vulnerable, with an air of simplistic naivety

Anna - looks older than her years. Striking and intelligent. Wears a wig.

Katie - sometimes vulnerable and childlike, sometimes the assured teenager

Katherine - the composed widow, determined and single minded.

The Bench


Sandy- a man in his late 60s

Joe- a man in his 30/40's

Ages are relative and can be flexible as long as Sandy is older and could believably be retired.

"Joe is in crisis, his life a swirling scribble of obligations he feels he’s failing to fulfil. For five minutes a day he finds a little solace and peace, alone on an isolated bench.  Sandy is mourning the passing of his Maggie. The bench is his memorial to her memory. A shrine to his loss. As both attempt to impose their purpose on the bench, so begins an epic conflict of passive aggression. A conflict that will change the two of them, and will, maybe, finally answer the eternal question – when is a bench not a bench? A satirical comedy about finding a safe place in a threatening world."


Blue - a world premiere by Sadie Knight and John Cropper

July 2023 at The Warehouse Theatre

Auditions for this exciting new play will be held on Tuesday 02 May at 7.45pm at The Warehouse Theatre.

In an already strained relationship, Will and Juliette struggle to navigate their way through the day-to-day. Constantly irritated by each other, things go from bad to worse when they are reminded of an upcoming dinner with Juliette’s somewhat dysfunctional family. Will they make it to dessert? Or will their troubles lie heavier than the mushroom soup starter?

Will - M40s. Deflated, silently struggling.

Juliette - F30s (mid) Irritable, argumentative, miserable.

Olivia - F50s/60s. Obsessive, looks down on others, a nightmare.  Juliette’s mum)  

Dennis - M60s. Reasonable, kind and gentle.  (Juliette’s dad) 

Dan - M40s. Calm, collected, has a good outlook on life. Emotionally well balanced (Juliette's brother)      

Claire - F30s/40s. Bitchy, two-faced. Unhappy in her relationship with Dan.  (Dan’s partner)

Marion - F60s/70s/80s. Patient of Juliette. Not afraid to speak her mind.

Weymouth Drama Club presents

All My Sons

by Arthur Miller

Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th April 2023

at The Bay Theatre, Weymouth College



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