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Weymouth Drama Club presents The Lady in the Van – Weymouth Pavilion

Alan Bennett draws from his memoirs to offer a dramatised account of the genteel vagrant, Miss Shepard, who parked her van in his driveway for fifteen years.
The Cast for Lady in the Van are

Miss Shepherd                          Ann White

Alan Bennett                             Rob Tripp

Alan Bennett 2                          John Bower

Mam                                           Julia Booth

Rufus                                          Paul Gorsuch

Pauline                                       Tanya Remnant

Social Worker                            Meggie Crane

Underwood                               Colin Clare

Mam’s Doctor/Leo Fairchild   Richard Jones-Barry

Lout                                             Derrick Sawtell

Ambulance Driver                     Lyn Cockerill

Interviewer                                 Kiah Arnold

Miss Shepherd  Doctor             Derrick Leyton Smith

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