The Course

by Brendan O’Carroll

18th – 21st May 2016

Directed by Jan Dench

“The Course” is the first play by Brendon O’Carroll, who is now famous for his TV show “Mrs Brown’s Boys”
A fictional Company have devised a course to teach its prospective representatives to learn “the system” for selling insurance. The idea of earning £1000 per week, no experience necessary attracts the largest collection of losers you could find.
Put six no-hopers in a classroom, add a teacher who is a conman, stir in a little Positive Mental Attitude and what do you get? A barrel of laughs, a dash of wisdom and – eventually – six winners.

Cast List:
Joe – Bob Mears
Burt – Chris Walker
Emily- Deborah Walton
Tina- Caroline Portsmouth
Will-Pete Hutton
Tony-Andy Neve
Bill-Richard Hook
Ben-Glenn Ingram

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** Please note this play contains strong language **

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