Newsletter – March 2018

Auditions for the play “Bent”

Weymouth Drama Club is holding auditions on:
Tuesday 20th March at 7.45pm for
“Bent” a play by Martin Sherman that took the theatre world by storm when it was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in 1979 with Ian McKellen in the leading role.

It is a hard hitting play about the changes to laws about homosexuality in 1930’s Germany and how along with the intelligentsia, jews, criminals and gypsies they were ostracised by society and rounded up to be dealt with by the authorities.
It is a story of love and survival of the human spirit in the face of inhumanity by a regime that has outlawed your very existence and the play still resonates today and shows how easy it is to become second class citizens, if the law allows it, and society does nothing to stop it or even becomes complicit in its implementation.

The play is to be performed at the Warehouse Theatre on 11th to 14th July 2018 with rehearsals to be held over a 8 week period on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from 14th May onwards.

The roles required are:

Max: Male 35 – 55 ( A loud fun loving homosexual who gets drunk too much of the time but is the ultimate survivor)
Rudy: Male 25 – 35 (A dancer and live in partner of Max. Note no dancing is required for this role)
Horst: Male 35 – 60 (A homosexual prisoner Max meets on the transport train)

These three roles hold the majority of the play together with Max appearing across both acts, with Rudy in the 1st Act and Horst mostly in the 2nd Act. These roles are nuanced and will require the actors to deal with the subject matter with sensitivity and awareness of the suffering inflicted on minorities during the rise of the Nazi regime in the early 1930’s. There are light hearted and funny moments in the play but this is not a comedy and has strong homosexual themes but has no nudity or homosexual acts performed on stage.

Wolf: Male 18 – 25 (A young man Max picks up at a night club. Note one scene wearing a towel or bath robe required)
Greta: Transvestite Male/Female Night Club owner/singer (can be played by a woman actor)
Freddie: Male 55 -75 (Uncle of Max)
German Soldier: Male 20 – 40
German Officer: Male 30 – 50

These are smaller speaking roles but are still pivotal to the play

Man &Woman: These are a couple on the transport train to a camp
Male Prisoner: Yellow Star
Male Prisoner: Red Triangle
Male Prisoner: Green Triangle (KAPO)

These are non speaking parts making up the assemble

If necessary some smaller roles can be doubled up by the actors though not the main roles.

I hope people will not be put off auditioning due to the subject matter of the play. It is a subject people should be made aware of and for us all to remember how easy a society can be made to hate a particular group because they are swayed and persuaded to by people in power.

Please contact Andy Neve for audition pieces stating which part you may be interested in and your contact details including name, address and contact number and/or email.

Friends Evenings

We are still keen to support a friends evening of 1 or 2 One Act Plays before the season closes in early July.  These plays could  be rehearsed on Tuesday evenings.  If you have a play in mind please speak to a member of committee and let us know how we can support you to get things off the ground.

Business Manager

The committee is still looking for a business manager 
We have vacancies for a general committee posts as well as other non committee roles. Any time you can offer could make a difference and it might even be fun!!!


Catch up with a committee member at one of the club evenings or email
Committee members are:
Alan Knight – Chairman
Andy Neve – Vice Chairman
Jan Dench – Secretary(temporary)
Julia Booth – Treasurer
Anne White – General Committee Member
Carol Pitman – General Committee Member
Cherry Bush – General Committee Member
Derek Leyton – General Committee Member

You’ll never know if you don’t have a go!

We have plays being read and we are always looking for new plays, new directors, new ideas.  If you would like to consider putting a play forward, please come and talk to one of the committee.  We are here to support you and it is not as daunting as it might first seem.

We need to start filling the calendar for the 2018/19 season

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