National Portrait Service

NPS poster

by Andy Neve

Warehouse 5th – 7th of June 2014

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The play’s central characters reveal their ambitions, hopes and frustrations in a world where “Art” shows a person where they are going wrong with their life. Set in a dystopian future where the state has stepped in to regulate a population obsessed with their appearance. This play hopes to reveal our own world by shining a light through the prism of an imagined one. The play will take you on a journey through dramatic and comedic moments in a portrait of life, love and family.

AlexDan Almond
KateHelen Spicer
PrudenceDaphne Payne
EvelynAnne White
WomanJulie Hook
PhillipChris Walker
MarkPete Hutton
PippaCaroline Portsmouth
ManRichard Hook/


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