Minutes of 2013 AGM

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 9th July 2013

 1. Those present:
Rachel Turberville Smith, Lisa Moore, Julie Knight, Monica Donohoe, Richard Grafton,  Margaret Shaw, Sue Mogford, Andy Neve,  Chris Walker, Paul Gorsuch,  Colin Clare,  Emma Allen, Richard Hook,  Julie Hook, Derek Sawtell, Cherry Bush Anne White, Jean Churchill, Jacqui Trent,  Jan Dench, Carol Pitman, Simon Raynes, Julia Booth, Ralph Wheeler, Pete Hutton, Deborah Walton Caroline Portsmouth.

2.   Apologies for absence:
It was proposed by Anne White and seconded by Cherralyn Bush that the minutes be accepted.  The motion was carried.

3.  Approval of Minutes: 9th July 2012
It was proposed by Julie Knight and seconded by Jean Churchill that the minutes be accepted. Motion was carried.

4.  Treasurers Report:
As you can see the accounts are looking very healthy.  I am sorry that I can’t produce the accounts any earlier for you to study, but as you are aware they take time to produce plus to get them audited.
We have made a profit this year of £4690.00 which against last year £4118.87 including in this we have spent quite a lot on buying new chairs, having the bar renovated, the front hall redecorated and new carpets. So the profit should have been a lot more.
As you can see we have made £11265.89 in productions last year £7511.10.  Which is great news, well done everybody, keep selling tickets and get people to come and see our shows.  We also made, with murder mysteries £968.69 which is great. Congratulations to the Curtain Raisers, their production made £1355.82 against last year £31.64.
The only negative thing I have to say is that our membership has dropped this year, so I feel it is up to us to encourage people to join and tell everybody what a great club we have.
I still feel that we should keep our membership the same this year.
Subscriptions are:
Single    £30.00
Joint      £50.00
Family   £65.00
Junior     £16.00
Curtain Raisers are £30.00 per 10week term.
If anyone would like to propose anything different please do.
I have all the bills for Chekov and Chips and we have made a profit of £232.00
Well done my friends from work thought it was brill.
I am actually giving up being treasurer. Julia Booth has offered to take over the role. Which I was very grateful. I would like to propose Julia again unless anyone has any objections or would like to volunteer them, please do and we will take a vote. Going back to the accounts if anyone has any questions or queries please ask and thank you for listening.

It was proposed by Andy and seconded by Colin that the report be accepted. Motion carried.

5  Chairman’s report 2013
Welcome to the AGM.
Once again we have had a successful year both financially and artistically. We started with Calendar girls directed by Cherry, after abandoning our original project to do Pat and Margaret and what a great decision that was. The play was staged at the Pavilion and was extremely well attended and popular with the audiences possibly generated by the salacious pictures of some of our members semi-naked which led to a strongly worded letter of disapproval to the Echo but was excellent free publicity for us. Sex sells as they say.  We also raised a substantial sum for the Fortuneswell unit as well as swelling our own coffers.
The following week we had the juniors and their production of the well loved classic The Lion, The witch and the wardrobe. Jacqui Trent and her team did a wonderful job to create a memorable  experience for the young people and they and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it.
After Christmas we had our talent show  “12th night”, this was a great evening with some very special performances from some of our younger members and some just as memorable moments from our older members.  I am not sure if I have quite recovered from seeing Andy in his boxer shorts yet!
Following this we had a late seasonal offering of Comfort and Joy directed by Derek Sawtell, a northern drama which was a real hit with our patrons and led to some, this time, very complimentary letters to the Echo.
Barely pausing for breath, Dennis then presented his Strictly Murder. Not as you might imagine a  thriller involving sequins and Sir Bruce but a psychological drama set in wartime France with a surprising denouement and an excellent set and cast.
Following this was another wartime drama set in the theatre directed by Jan Dench, The Dresser. This was a challenging wordy play with large speaking roles for two of our members, and produced some very touching and poignant moments.
Finally we had some Chekhov, not the serious stuff but two comedies with Fish and Chips in a cabaret style. It was nice to welcome back 2 of our long serving members to the stage and was a chance also for me to try directing, something I would recommend.
We also have Treasure Island to look forward to this week and if the set is anything to go by it looks like an interesting experience so please come along and support it.
We continue to offer a varied programme that appeal not only to our audiences but to our own desires to do things which we enjoy and sometimes challenge and stretch us artistically.

As well as doing plays we also had a workshop with Carl Woodward which all who attended found really interesting, fun and informative. Carl is a professional drama coach and we are hoping to run some more workshops in physical theatre in July and August culminating in participation in the Weymouth Carnival. If you would like to sign up then please speak to Gina.
Carl also did a workshop for our thriving Cheers group and this was very also very successful, thanks to Julie Knight for running this group so well, I know how much these young adults enjoy it.
We would like to provide more of these workshops and also to subsidise them so that everyone can come, however they are unfortunately under subscribed which is a shame as there is always something that can be learnt and I feel would enhance the acting skills of anyone and everyone, young or old. So sign up!

We are now looking forward to our next season. Julia Booth is going to be directing Ladies Day (auditions on 23rd July) as we move back to the newly reopened pavilion. I hope that you will all support not only this production but the new team at the Pavilion, while we can carry on with drama at the Warehouse there are certain things we cannot perform here and the committee have not been able to find a suitable alternative at reasonable cost. It would be great to see the Pavilion thrive, as I have said before art is so important to the human condition and not to have a theatre in a town this size is in my view a crime. So please I urge you to use it so we don’t lose it again!
There is another murder mystery planned for December and we also have plays lined up for just after Christmas and  hope to do something at the Pavilion in the Spring.
I would like to encourage all you budding directors to have a go. There is lots of support out there as well as advice on play selection so please contact the committee if you would like to direct but don’t know what or just need a bit of support, we would particularly welcome one act plays as these can work well in cabaret style, are easy to rehearse at home and make for a fun evening for our patrons and friends.

The Warehouse continues to be improved with a brand spanking new carpet and chairs and a much needed overhaul of the foyer, this is all thanks to our strong financial position based on putting on commercially successful productions and spending our money wisely. I would like to thank those non-committee members and volunteers, Dennis Dunford for his continued hard work as house manager and keeping the warehouse running smoothly, assisted by Alan Knight in the workshop, Jean Churchill and her team for their on-going improvement of the wardrobe, Ann Sawtell for her role as friends secretary, and a special thank you to Ann White who has worked quietly and efficiently in her role as readings secretary for many years but has decided to finally relinquish it. Thank you once again.

I would like to thank the out going committee for their hard work. We are having some changes to the committee and it is proposed that junior coordinator is no longer a committee post. Jacqui Trent has been our junior coordinator for many years and leads a very successful team who are providing a fun and stimulating group for our young people. As attested to earlier by one of their parents.
I would also like to thank Cherry who after her sterling work as treasurer for the past 4  years has decided to stand down.

I appreciate that there is sometimes a feeling of them and us and I would like to reassure our membership that the committee is there to serve the club, we welcome any help and suggestions from the membership and it would be nice to see some new faces on the committee so if you would like to stand for any of the executive posts or the vacant general committee posts then you would be very welcome. We can always co-opt you.  We can only move forward and thrive if  we keeping pushing the boundaries and trying new things while also keeping an eye on the past and continuing to do what we know best.
I am concerned about the size of our membership and would like to encourage some new members particular under 40 as this means we would  have a greater choice of plays that we could stage and this is something perhaps the new committee could look at so that the club continues to thrive and grow into the future.

Thank you all very much.

6.  Proposed Rule Change:

7th June 2013
Proposed amendments to Drama Club Rules –
Proposed by Julie Knight
Seconded by Jacqui Trent

Rule 8.5.1 to read:

Secretariat  –  Friends’ Secretary reporting to the Secretary

And a new Rule 8.5.6 to read:

Curtain Raisers Organiser reporting to the Chairman.

Rule 9.1 to read:

The Officers of the Club shall be a Chairman, Vice Chairman,
Secretary, Treasurer and Business Manager(“the Officers”).
The Officers shall be ex-officio members of the General Committee and must all be members of the Club.

The proposal was accepted by members at the AGM.  Motion carried.

7. Election of Officers:
The following officers were elected unopposed:
Chairman                     Rachel Turberville Smith
Vice Chairman            Andy Neve
Secretary                     Jan Dench
Treasurer                     Julia Booth
Business Manger         Richard Grafton

8. Election of Committee Members:
An election was held for the 4 places on the General committee and the following was the results.

Deborah Walton                                     2014
Colin Clare                                             2014
Chris Walker                                          2015
Gina Huntly                                           2015
Julia Hook                                             2016
Vacancy                                                2016

Paul Gorsuch was co opted for the vacant post at the end of the meeting and will need to be elected on to the committee next year
9. Appointment of non- committee posts:
House Manager             –         Dennis Dunford
Workshop co-ordinator  –        Alan Knight
Archivist                        –
Readings Secretary        –        Julie Knight
Friends Secretary           –        Ann Sawtell
Wardrobe Mistress         –        Jean Churchill
Fund Raising and Social Secretary still required.

10. Any Other Business:
a) Richard asked if any was free to help on Tuesday evenings they needed help re vamping the workshop.
b) Jean also asked for helpers every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. in the Wardrobe.

The meeting then closed at 8.30

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