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Dear All

Hopefully you’ve seen the film club’s first short film. if you haven’t there’s a link below.


We, at film club, have decided to take advantage of the good weather and start a couple of new films next week. They are new scripts written by one of the new members. We’re reading through the scripts on Tuesday¬†(28th June) and then we’ll film them over 2-3 days at the end of June/early July.

If you’re interested in being in a short film and/or taking part in the planning stage come down on Tuesday (28th June) and read for one of the parts or find out more. They are 5-10 minute films involving 2-3 days filming and you don’t even need to learn your lines!

We’re also on the look out for a director/producer for our third script so if that’s your thing come down and let us know.

Looking for:
Man (playing age 20-35)
Man (playing age 40-50)

Man (playing age 50-70)

Woman (playing age 16-25)
Woman (playing age 30-50)


The Girl with the Camera

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