Dad’s Army

All the usual characters are involved plus a U boat captain and his crew as well as Mrs Fox, Mrs Pike, Mrs Hart, other ladies and girls in swimming costumes!

Dads Army Poster.pages


MainwaringAndy Neve
WilsonRob Tripp
JonesRalph Wheeler
PikeRichard Hook
GodfreyRichard Lawson
FraserGlenn Ingram
WalkerPaul Gorsuch
Private HancockChris Grimsdale
Private SpongeSteve Murphy
Private DayTBC
VicarDennis Dunford
VergerDerek Sawtell
U Boat CaptainPete Hutton
HodgesDan Almond
Mr CheesemanDerek Leyton
ColonelRichard Grafton
Mr GordonGeo Brown
Mrs FoxJulie Knight
Mrs PikeJulie Hook
Mrs GrayDaphne Payne
Edith ParsonsCaroline Portsmouth
Ivy SamwaysGemma Higgins
Mrs ParsonsCathrine Dunford
Mrs Prosser Emma Philips
WaitressLouisa Knight
Miss IronsideSue Tetzner
U Boat crew & platoon memebersAlyn Harris , Geo Brown and Mike Fowler

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