Comfort and Joy

by Mike Harding

10th – 12th January

Directed by Derek Sawtell

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It’s Christmas. Relatives you hardly ever see and who are now very different from you, arrive at your house for the festivities. No one receives a present that is at all appropriate. Culinary disasters abound. Long-buried resentments rear their ugly heads as the alcohol flows and tongues are loosened. Then the plumbing goes wrong…

If any of this reminds you of your typical family Christmas, then you will find Comfort and Joy, Mike Harding’s comedy, painfully – but always amusingly – familiar. Until the very end, anyway – for how many of you have been abducted by aliens?

It’s Christmas at the Duggans’ – Margaret (Julie Hook),Martin (Peter Hutton),daughter Helen (Gina Huntley),and Margaret’s long-john and Father Christmas gown clad curmudgeon of an uncle, Goff (Rob Tripp).

Goff is reconciled with daughter Fiona (Jan Dench), who thirty years ago fled to Australia, pregnant by local married Lothario, now her husband, Jimmy (Richard Jones-Barry).

Goff cannot forgive Jimmy’s not returning his saw first!

Margaret’s other daughter, successful-in-the-London-arts-scene Kathy (Julia Booth), arrives with a pair of incontinent cats and a doo-doo splattered posh boy friend, Crispin (Paul Gorsuch).

Retired accountant Chapman (Joe Brown) and his wife Monica (Anne White),call in for drinks.

They see angels, who are the aliens who once abducted them!

After Christmas Day mass, presents, and a rescued meal, Pat (Carol Pitman),visits with her thuggish toy boy Hughie (Dennis Dunford),and children. She denounces Jimmy as her errant and bigamous husband.

Fiona is distraught. Jimmy doesn’t care. Pat goes. Crispin drinks the lemonade, not realising it is poteen given to Goff by a local priest. Crispin keels over.

That’s Christmas at the Duggans’!

The production runs from Thursday 10th – Saturday 12th January 2013, at

the Warehouse Theatre, Hope Street. Tickets are priced at £8.00,with no concessions, and are available via the drama club website:

The show starts at 7.30pm.

Club stalwart Derek Sawtell, will be directing the play.


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