A dark comedy about death and life going on.

After being diagnosed with bone cancer and told she has mere months to live, Myra starts to get her affairs in order and deal with the concept of her own mortality. It’s a tough one to grasp — when she’s lying dead in her cardboard coffin, should she wrap up warm to ward off the chill? Will she be scared when the dirt is chucked on her grave? Is her funeral for her at all, or for her husband and daughters to help them cope with her death? Myra, an ever-perfect homemaker, turns her full attention and formidable energy to the task of her lifetime – organizing her own impending funeral.

Whilst the focus is on the funeral arrangements, Myra’s real project is her family – trying to get them to understand, or, at the very least, talk to one another. Jenna’s older sister is Harriet; she’s the bright one, the organised one, the one with everything under control, whilst Jenna’s life is a scatty, sweary mess, particularly her relationship with her boyfriend, something she and her father can’t discuss. Alec, the father makes taciturnity an art-form. He has two modes of speech: exasperated and grumpy.


  • Myra  –  Sue Conway
  • Alec –  Andrew Neve
  • Harriet  –  Rowan Hedley
  • Jenna  –  Gemma Higgins

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