Blue Remembered Hills

Weymouth Drama Club presents Blue Remembered Hills

Originally broadcast in January 1979 as part of the BBC’s ‘Play for Today’ series, ‘Blue Remembered Hills‘ is Dennis Potter’s insightful examination of the human character.

The play is set in The Forest of Dean, where a group of 7 year old friends play together one summer’s afternoon in 1943. As the play develops, we see dark, familiar prejudices emerge through the naive and frivolous interactions of the children, until the full human capability for brutality and victimisation is displayed the play’s shocking climax, reminiscent of William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies‘.

The most striking feature of the play was that child characters are played by adult actors. Potter first used this device in ‘Stand Up, Nigel Barton‘ (1965) and would return to it later, in ‘Cold Lazarus‘ (1996).


The Warehouse, Hope Street, Weymouth


23rd – 25th February, 2012


  • Angela – Deborah Walton
  • Audrey – Daphne Payne
  • Peter – Rob Tripp
  • Donald Duck – Richard Jones Barry
  • Willie – Nick Barron
  • Raymond – Derek Leyton Smith
  • John – Paul Gorsuch

Production Team

  • Director – Cherralyn Bush
  • Assistant Director – Margaret Shaw

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