A hard-hitting play about the changes to laws on homosexuality in 1930’s Germany and how, along with the intelligentsia, jews, criminals and gypsies, they were ostracised by society and rounded up to be dealt with by the authorities. It is a story of love and survival of the human spirit in the face of inhumanity by a regime that has outlawed your very existence and the play still resonates today and shows how easy it is to become second class citizens, if the law allows it, and society does nothing to stop it or even becomes complicit in its implementation. It is a subject people should be made aware of and for us all to remember how easy a society can be made to hate a particular group because they are swayed and persuaded to by people in power.

The play is to be performed at the Warehouse Theatre on 12th to 14th July 2018.

There are light hearted and funny moments in the play but this is not a comedy and has intense adult themes.

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MaxSenan Jehu
WolfAidan Watson
RudyAdam Cawton
KAPOJohn Cropper
HorstAndy Never/Jack Vaughan
GretaDerrick Leyton Smith
German SoldierSteven Murphy
German OfficerPaul Gorsuch
FreddieJohn Bower
Assistant Director/Lighting DesignGemma Higgins
Director/Sound DesignAndy Neve

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